The flowers are back

17 April 2013

10 Students of the gardening group of our school planted more than 700 early blooming plants on the area beside of our school. It was really a good job.


16 April 2013

On 12.4. the 5th and 6th formers could follow a performance of the fastfood theatre Munich. The actors impressed with a lot of humor and creativity spending almost two hours with improvisation. It was a great event for all students.

winter sleep is over!

12 April 2013

After a long and cold winter the gardening season has begun. That means first of all a lot of work. The beds beside our school have to be reactivated. Thee beds are dug meanwhile. Next week compost will be spread. Hopefully there will be higher temperatures now, what allow to start planting soon.

You does it feel to live with multiple sclerosis

On 9th and 10th of April all students had the possibility to learn about multiple sclerosis. A woman concerned with the illness told about her daily live and her difficulties with simple activities. Afterward the students could try out themselves, how it feels to be handicapped. The aim of the presentation was to develop a better understanding for people with disability.

run for Help

8 April 2013

Ab sofort suchen unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler im Freundes-, Familien- oder Bekanntenkreis Personen suchen, die ihnen entweder für jede zurückgelegte Runde einen bestimmten Betrag versprechen, oder einen Fixbetrag für die Teilnahme. (Rundenbeträge sind meist motivierender und für die Kinder viel interessanter!)
80% der Spendengelder gehen an die Multiple-Sklerose-Stiftung.
Mit dem Rest wird ein Musicalprojekt mit den Young Americans im Oktober bezuschusst.
Zum Ablauf:
Am 8.5. laufen zunächst in der Zeit von 9.00 bis 10.00 die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5.-7. Klassen im Sportzentrum am Hungerbachweg so viele Runden (à 400 Meter) wie möglich. Sie dürfen dann ihre älteren Kollegen anfeuern, die dann ab 10.00 Uhr ihr Rennen starten.
Wir freuen uns über alle, die die gemeinsame Aktion der beiden MittelschulenLandsbergs  (Schlossberg und Fritz-Beck) unterstützen wollen. So erreichen Sie uns:
E-Mail: schlossbergschule-landsberg[at]
Telefon: 08191128526
Fax: 08191128531

On Wednesday, 8.5. the students of both Landsbergian middle schools (Schlossberg/Fritz-Beck) will run to collect money for a good purpose.
80 % will be given to the MS-foundation. The rest will be saved to subsidise a musical project in October 2013. All persons, who want to support this activity can contact our school here:
Mail: schlossbergschule-landsberg[at]
Tel: 0049 8191 128526
Fax 0049 8191 128531

”Starke Schule” (Strong school) -Award show in Munich

21 March 2013

  On Thursday, 21.3.2013 a delegation of students and teachers went to the Maximilianeum in Munich, where they reveived the award for one of the best schools in Bavaria which prepare student for a good start of their vocational training. In Germany more then 700 schools participated in the competition, in Bavaria 85. Our school reached the 8th place More about the competition here.

We learn how the sound of movies is made

20 March 2013

In an exciting workshop students of form 5 and 6 were encouraged to make the sound for some sequences of the movie “Tom und Hacke” themselves, a film which they had seen a week before. By the way they learned a lot about the illusion wich is worked with in the film industry. Here you find a film about the leader of the workshop – unfortunately only in German).

a new “wall” for the great hall

18 March 2013

As it was very cold in the entrance hall of our school, a fly break was built (intime for the start of spring). Students of the 5th form adapted the new white walls to the former medieval style.

Billiardhockey mastership

15 March 2013

For the second time the billiardhockey mnastership took place at our school. 18 students participated in the tournament at the 13th of march.
Here are the winners:
1. Julian Graß 8a
2. Sebastian Dreja 5a
3. Mavrapostolos Panagiotis 6a

Movie-Days for Schools “Tom und Hacke”

13 March 2013

The students of the 5th and 6th form had the possibility to watch the movie “Tom und Hacke”. In the movie the story of “Tom Sawyer and Huckeberry Finn has been transfered to Bavaria in the time after the second world war. Trailer (Bavarian/German)

developing country Bavaria

3 March 2013

An exhibition with the title “Entwicklungsland Bayern” (developing country Bavaria was visited by class 9b in Landsberg. The students learned a lot about globalisation and NGOs, who are trying to help against the problematical consequences for millions of people. Films and texts could be found about the topic. Especially for the boys it was very interesting to see how a fair trade football is produced.

Technical Museum Munich 2013

9 February 2013

on Fridy the 8.2. the 9th-formers went to the Deutsche Museum (German museum), the world biggest technical museum.

carnival 2013

Like every year some classes of our school participated in the carnival parade of the schools in Landsberg. Looking at the gosts, you might recognize, that it was pretty cold. We were wondering if the jungle campers or the Disney characters could stand the temperatures.

indoor football tournament 2013

4 February 2013

Winner of the indoor football tournament  of the 5th, 6th and 7th forms in January 2013: Class 6a

Come with me 2012

6 January 2013

In cooperation with Hilti Kaufering the students of the 9. form had the possibility to deal with pneumatics and electro-pneumatics.

’A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

26 December 2012

The classes 9Ma and 9Mb visited the english version of the “Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in the theatre of our town.Myheimat Landsberg)

Do you want to work at the finance office?

For all students who are planning to work at the finance office after the end of their time at school, there was an information at the last schoolday before winter holidays.

contemporary witness

On 12.12.12- a very special date – Mrs. Winterholler told about the time of her youth during the second worldwar and the time after it. She had lived on a farm not far away of Landsberg and could explain a lot about the condition of live in that time.

school award

18 December 2012

Our school has won the award “Starke Schule” (school with strength). A delegation of students and teachers is invited to the Bavarian Parliament in Munich in March 2013 to receive the prize. We are very proud to be elected to one of the best schools in Bavaria, that lead students to a good start of their apprenticeship.

home economics meet home economics

10 December 2012

The home economics course of the 8th form and and future masters of home economics together prepared a break snack. What a good idea! Within 15 minutes all hamburgers, wraps, apple pies and everything else was sold out totally.